Sogni Di Cristallo On Vogue International


Image courtesy of Annabel’s Mayfair

Sogni Di Cristallo came out in the online version of the magazine (read the article here) where our Tulipani chandelier, belonging to the Floreali collection, has been released.

Sogni Di Cristallo on Vogue
The article published on
The chandelier’s design has been customized on Annabel’s specific needs and it is part of the reopening project of the historic London nightclub. You can find all the information on the Tulips Sogni di Cristallo chandelier here.
Lampadario Tulipani Vetro Murano Sogni Di Cristallo
Chandelier Tulips Sogni Di Cristallo

In addition to the chandelier, the magnificent “Garden Room” is embellished with our Iris wall lamps, always belonging to the Floreali collection (find all the technical information of the product here).

Applique Iris Deluxe
Wall lamp Iris Deluxe, Sogni Di Cristallo

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