Sogni Di Cristallo In New York

Image CreditsCecconi’s Dumbo New York

Chandeliers Provided: Ottahedro (Chandelier), Lume (Wall Light), Preziosa (Wall Light).

Project: The lighting project for Cecconi’s Dumbo restaurant highlights an elegant and contemporary setting, which is well suited to a multiform city and always open to change like New York. The restaurant, airy and bright, is in fact located in the Brooklyn borough, just a few steps’ walk from the famous bridge of the same name over the East River.

Cecconi Dumbo New York

For the implementation of the project, our Vintage Collection was highlighted, as “represented” by the Ottahedro model. The Mid-Century Modern style featured in this chandelier adapts well to the rooms of this Italian restaurant, enhancing an intriguing urban plot.


Ottahedro Chandelier By Sogni Di Cristallo

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Lumen | Mid-Century Lamp
Lume Lamp by Sogni Di Cristallo

To decorate the walls and make the light atmosphere cosy, we used our Preziosa and Lume wall lamps.

All the models provided are made of very fine sparkling glass handcrafted in our Venetian furnaces according to the ancient and authentic technique of Murano glassmaking.

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