Lighting Contract For Restaurant: Jamie’s Italian in Rotterdam

lighting contract murano glass

Location: Jamie’s Italian Restaurants,  Rotterdam, Netherlands.

ProjectThe interior lighting project, designed for Jamie’s Italian Restaurant in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, creates an original and charming atmosphere, thanks to the combination of Murano artistic glass with postmodern patterns composed of materials, such as wood, metal, and leather.

The spacious rooms of the halls are illuminated by a beautiful natural light filtered outward through large windows. In this minimal and bright atmosphere, chandeliers of transparent glass lend themselves very well. Each is modularly comprised of single elements called “prisms”, which create a pleasing, modern visual effect.

The SogniDiCristallo chandeliers used are the Crono and the Sophia, with a “Mid-Century” design style, which was popular in the 1950s, now adapted and praised by interior designers.

The working process for the chandeliers remains true to the artistic tradition of Murano glass and are entirely created by hand in Venetian furnaces.

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